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CAMS (Community Association Management Services) is pleased to assist our many Brunswick County NC clients with all of their HOA management needs. Considering that Brunswick is both big and beautiful, it is not surprising that a large number of new residential developments have been built within just the last few years. In fact, since Brunswick is the fourth largest county in N.C. and nestled along the mighty Atlantic Ocean, the Brunswick and Cape Fear Rivers, many of its communities are some of the most sought after in the southeast!

Of course most of these residential havens are managed under HOAs or County to Southport, NC community association management organizations. HOAs oversee and manages the affairs of a neighborhood to ensure that pertinent matters are met and addressed such as restrictive covenant guidelines, insurance, assessments, maintenance, and improvements.

Our HOA Management Services

Since 1991, CAMS has been assisting our community association clients throughout the Carolinas and Georgia. Services include:

  • Addressing delinquency issues

  • Filing insurance claims

  • Preparing and sending mass mailings (both e-mails and hard copies)

  • Dealing with service contractors and sub-contractors

  • Reviewing strategies for the best investment choices for cash reserves

  • Providing welcome kits for new home owners

  • Coordinating bank drafts and online payment programs


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Please keep in mind that these represent just a few of the services that CAMS currently offers over 250 happy community associations or HOAs. The CAMS team can streamline the business of your County to Southport, NC community association!

In addition to acting as an impartial third party who can fairly get the job done, our services also:

  • Help control unnecessary spending

  • Assist the board when issues arise

  • Help protect property values by ensuring HOA guidelines are met by everyone

  • Offer assistance during regualr and off hours

Again, this is only a brief explanation of the many ways that CAMS can support your County to Southport, NC HOA. We encourage you to visit our website, give us a call and please read the reviews from our satisfied clients. From Leland and Southport to the South Carolina border, we're here to help with all of your community and homeowners owners association management needs.

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