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At CAMS, we put a lot of emphasis on providing satisfaction to our Boards and Homeowners. We take pride in doing a great job and always encourage feedback from our neighborhoods. Here are just a few of our success stories. 

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What our Clients have to say about us.

    » Emily

    Jessica is a wonderful help and has done a wonderful job managing my community. She is responsive and efficient and a pleasure to work with.

    » Linda

    Andrea was wondering helpful with all my needs at the Southport office

    » S. Johnson

    I had a wonderful experience with Katie at Cams. She always goes above and beyond. One of lights had blew at in our entrance way and she had the maintenance guy at Cams come out and change it right away. Every time I have an issue with my property she always fixes quickly and then follows up with me afterwards to make sure everything is okay. She is always very professional and treats every issue no matter how small as if it is a priority. Cams is a great management company.

    » Bonnie

    I am a new resident at Tennyson Village in Brunswick Forest. When I received my first quarterly bill, I was pretty confused. I contacted CAMS who were very helpful in explaining it. I also had a problem with setting up the online billing as my bank was not able to pay because of an error I made. I went to your office in Brunswick Forest and the woman in the reception area ( i’m sorry, I forget her name) was very pleasant and extremely helpful. The problem was resolved and all is well. Being new to the area, I am very happy that CAMS resides inside Brunswick Forest .

    » Jacob

    Adam Soccorsi has always been very helpful with any matter I have ever needed regarding the HOA at PSS. He is very responsive with all emails I have sent him. Thank you Adam and keep up the great work!!

    » Kathy

    I totally love my second home at Ocean Keys and the many new friends I have met! So grateful to our HOA team who keeps us up to date, and has our beautiful area...top of their list...and seeing that rules and regulations are followed! Kudos to each of you and your committees!! A huge compliment to Mark Gilman...this young man is top notch and a huge asset to your company. I had a couple of issues and when I emailed Mark he was on top of it immediately! He is very accommodating, trustworthy and I am beyond please with the service he has provided! He has certainly exceeded my expectations! Thank you Mark!! My best to each of you...

    » Melanie

    Cams, and specifically Rick, really came thru when the unit above us started flooding into our place in the middle of the night! Every detail was completely taken care of and managed until our unit was fully repaired by Rick. He even went above and beyond to assist us with a separate pesky issue we were stuggling with which was a major help! Thank you, Rick!

    » David & Barbara

    Thank you very much for appointing Mark Gilman as our Client Service Representative for Ocean Keyes in N Myrtle Beach. Since his appointment Mark has been extremely proactive in making improvements within Ocean Keyes. Issues that we have addressed with Mark have been acted upon in a very timely, efficient and knowledgeable manner. It is a pleasure dealing with Mark... Thank you ..

    » Fran

    I am the Property Manager at Ocean Keyes in North Myrtle Beach. My office is located onsite at Ocean Keyes. Hiring Mark Gilman was the best thing that Cams/Benchmark has done. He is excellent at his job. He is pleasant to deal with, gets things done, and very responsive to requests. I wish he was here 5 days a week instead of 3. Thank you.

    » Meredith

    I have lived in Palmetto Creek for 5 years, it is an excellent community, One of the reasons we have an enjoyable community is Karen Johnson. Karen does a great job dealing with the people in our community, outside contractors, and she always makes sure our community is treated fairly when we need work by outside contractors. Thank you Karen for the time and effort you spend making our community a wonderful place to live. I hope you will continue to take care of us for many years to come.

    » Steven

    As head of numerous committees, an currently facilities in palmetto creek . Jaren is the best. She is conscious an good with numbers. A asset to all

    » Gary

    Recently moved to Charlotte and Jessy at Cams in Charlott was a big help. She helped with services in the area and was very quick to respond! Thanks Jessy

    » AC Wedemeyer

    Crystal Johnson and Cathie out of the Morehead City office have been amazing! They've gone above and beyond to quickly resolve any issue we've had and with a smile. Their response time over email is second to none and they always follow through, personally seeing to everything. Thank you so much, they team over there in Morehead is amazing!

    » Nora Sullivan

    Maria Unfrock was extremely helpful and patient sorting thru my billing questions and helped me resolve them. Her customer service was very professional and I am so thankful for her excellent service.

    » Lisa Cookson

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Andrea Phillips, one of your employees. Andrea was very professional and always cheerful. She is extremely knowledgeable and responded to my questions in a timely manner. Excellent service ! She is an asset to Cams!!

    » Richard Claiborne

    I connected with Tina Whaley today regarding a street light being out. I called prior and was told I would need to contact Brunswick Electric with poll #. This particular light had no # so BE requested I get development map to secure poll # and call back. I called CAMs and connected w/Tina. I explained everything and called to BE. She asked me to please hold and she called BE and got a work order submitted to fix the light. This level of service and professionalism I was not expecting. Tina did an exceptional job of making me a happy customer.

    » Debbie Cardamone, The Christian Cardamone Team at Coastal Properties

    Patty Fusselman at CAMS went above and beyond in providing excellent and timely customer service for our real estate client in Brunswick Forest - and she did so on a number of occasions during the transaction. We are grateful for Patty's sincere concern, her professional service with a smile :) and her follow-through in satisfying our client-homeowner. Patty is a wonderful asset to the CAMS team!

    » Patty Johnson

    I just recently purchased a condo in Ocean Keyes, NMB, SC. I had many questions and a couple of technical issues with the internet. Let me give a "thumbs-up" to the efficiency, knowledge, and helpful attitude of Barbara Johnson, Benchmark, NMB, S.C. I would not hisitate to call on her again! She was very helpful to me.

    » Patty Johnson

    A "thumbs-up" to Belinda Moore for answering my questions and assisting me in a specific document mailing. Efficient, knowledgeable and kind, are three of her traits which I sensed over the phone in our communication! She put me at ease about several issues!

    » Bill Dargay

    LisaMarie Rockwood is currently our Community Manager at Winding River Plantation. In the years I have had the privilege of working with her not only as a Committee Chair but a property owner since 1999 and a full time resident since 2010. Ms. Rockwood is the benchmark which other Managers performance should be compared.

    She maintains the community in such a manner you are proud to be a resident, taking the extra time out of her day to insure any and all issues that have arisen are dealt with, but most of all correctly with no shortcuts. LisaMarie, is always a pleasure to work with and professional in her career, also taking additional professional enhancement course insure we at Winding River are getting the best possible management. There is only one word I can think of to describe her performance. "AMAZING"

    » Bill

    Tina did a very professional job and it helps a lot.

    » Kathleen Gilissen

    As the the president of the Board of Directors of the Marymount Patio Homeowners Association, I was delighted to find such a good friend and helper in Kathleen. She is a professional and has followed through with solutions for the problems we have presented to her. I feel that she will be someone we can depend on in the future.

    » Margaret Ann Tomic

    I recently moved into Brunswick Forest, and I would like to send many thanks to Cindy Phillips for going way way out of expected service. She was great and hung in there with me until it was accomplished. I can't begin to tell you how happy I was with everything.

    » Nancy T Yerby

    I have dealt with Kathleen Gilissen, Community Manager for Merestone several times. She is always helpful, kind and cares when I need her help. If there is a way to honor her for her good work and pleasant attitude, please let me know and I'll do what I can so she will be acknowledged in a proper way. Thank you Kathleen and keep up the good work.

    » Bert Stephen

    Belinda Moore was knowledgeable and very helpful in assisting me in making my quarterly HOA payment.

    » Sherry Mitchell

    Andrew helped me today and did a wonderful job and had such a great attitude! He should be given a big thank you from Cams,manners and positive attitude the whole conversation and took care of my problem! Thank you Andrew for solving my HOA problem!Sherry

    » David Caetano

    Hi I'm writing a review for a Belinda Moore, she was very pleasant and helpful in getting my credit for my HOA fees straightened out.

    » Ann-Marie Richard

    Tara Armstrong consistently does an outstanding job managing the property at Cabana. She is very knowledgeable with financials and we completely rely on her to handle difficult situations regarding homeowner issues and handling the annual meeting, etc. She has a special way of directing the board in the direction it needs to go. She is reliable, thoughtful, professional and sharp as a tack. She is highly recommended.

    » Bob Crowder

    Candace was very helpful in directing me to St Moritz page data on line. She was very pleasant and very professional. I would give her a 5 out of a possible 5 ratings. I do not have my computer to log on to google and post a review, but wanted to share my positive experience.

    » Mary E Tilley

    I have been very impressed with CAMS these days! They listened and acted on our neighborhoods behalf. We now have excellent yard care and I couldn't be happier! Jessica is a bulldog and she has had to endure my sometimes not so friendly complaints but again...she has risen to the occasion and remedied the issues. I realize there are no perfect standards but CAMS does their very best and I wanted them to know I truly DO appreciate them! Blessings

    » Gerald Fitzpatrick

    Shane Brewer, Community Manager for The Marshes in Wilmington, NC, has consistently demonstrated professionalism, knowledge and integrity in all of his dealings with our association. His efforts have resulted in a better quality of life for all residents at The Marshes.

    » Philip Brown

    Evaluation of Shane Brewer: A skilled and professional administrator. Provides on time and accurate service and a full range of customer support. Provides exceptional support to Rivers Edge HOA Board. Proficiently works to increase efficiency and improve services. Tracks financial data and accurately explains issues. Serves as the initial point of contact for Rivers Edge Residents. Educates both residents and Board Members regarding CAMs services and products. Proficient in scheduling appointments, and promptly respond to inquiries via email and telephone. Adept at Microsoft Office Suite. Capable of managing complex situations. Key Strengths: Highly organized, proficient and accurate; entrusted by Rivers Edge management. Adapts quickly to new and evolving environments. Excels at developing strong relations with everyone.

    » John DeStefano

    Lisa Marie Rockwood is our community manager at Winding River.She is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in all community matters.She always follows up on all questions.Its very nice to know that we have a fully qualified person helping make this community a beautiful place.

    » Brian Gamble

    Adam Soccorsi has consistently gone above and beyond as the Association Manager at Park South Station. He is extremely detail oriented and adds tremendous value to the community. If it wasn't for Adam the community would not run as well as it does. His commitment to adhering to the rules and regulations of Park South Station have been superior. I appreciate Adam's diligence and excellent work he continues to provide to the community!

    » Kati Kleber

    Adam Soccorsi is our association manager at Park South Station and I am thankful for how hard he works for us, even in some less-than-ideal circumstances. I sincerely appreciate how serious he takes solicitors and disruptions, the companies he's chosen to work with for things like landscaping, security, and so forth, as well as his innovative solutions for unforeseen problems. Being a community manager isn't easy, as you have to deal with many personalities, and people when they are upset - typically due to a decision or circumstance out of his control. I feel he handles this well by not tolerating inappropriate behavior, encouraging utilizing appropriate chains of command, and helping people explore options. He is a wonderful community manager and I appreciate his presence at Park South Station.

    » Kathy Humbert

    Adam Soccorsi with CAMS has been wonderful! I have dealt with many HOA management companies in my business for years, and have never had anyone so quick and helpful. Always polite and never felt like I was 'bothering' him. Such a nice change!

    » Martie Peck

    CAMS is a proactive company that employs very professional employees such as Deanna King. She takes her job very seriously, and does everything she can to assist and solve issues for her clients. She is dependable and seems to enjoy her job.

    » Paul Kruger

    Today I had the pleasure of dealing with Belinda Moore regarding questions as a new homeowner. Her 5 star service was wonderful and such a rarity in today's world. She was kind, patient and knowledgeable and a true pleasure to work with. Reminded me of many years ago when customer service was a given and not just an afterthought like it is today. Job well done and thank you!!!

    » Dave

    I will never forget Rick Harris and the attention that he gave me through the transition from Noble to CAMS. I have the greatest respect and confidence in him. Really, you guys were the greatest. Please send him by regards.

    » Carolyn Darby

    Belinda was very helpful assisting me in setting up my on line login, very courteous.

    » Susan Azukas, Vice President Elizabeth Townes HOA Charlotte, NC

    The Elizabeth Townes community is fortunate to have CAMS and specifically Stacy as our community manager. We have become more effective in our board responsibilities thanks to Stacy and her team. We know we are not the only community she manages but she makes us feel that we are her primary responsibility. The newly designed CAMS website provides a great way for owners to view their accounts. Our community is on a much more positive track due to the professionalism of CAMS. Thanks Stacy for all you do for us!!

    » Ashlee Durrance

    Adam Soccorsi has been a wonderful addition to the Park South Station community. He's extremely organized, and always follows up on any requests, questions, or concerns in very timely manner. He knows a lot about what it takes to run a community, and it shows when he works with homeowners on their concerns. He's always polite and professional, and someone who has helped turn the management of our community a more positive way. Thanks Adam for all you do, it's no easy job dealing with grumpy homeowners! :)

    » Bob

    I just wish to report that Laura Wyte has again handled my rental at Pebble Cove again timely and professionally. This is Sunday. I just sent a request to her thinking I would get a response by close of business Monday. In 5 minutes I got exactly what I wanted. This is not the first Sunday request that was handled immediately.

    Dave she puts up with me. As you know I stay over involved at times.

    Also: Johanna is absolutely the best community manager by far we have had at Pebble Cove. That covers all 22 years. I will be happy for her when you move her up but I hate to imagine dealing again with a normal manager.

    Anyway I appreciate you and your folks.

    » M. Zawislak

    Thanks so much for your help. We have enjoyed working with Benchmark for many years. Especially with Margaret at Sea Cabin. A wonderful person. Best wishes

    » Chris

    Marc Ledford, On-Site Facility Manager for Cabana, Inc, rocks! He went above and beyond to make my first week as a new owner painless!!! (And, Joe was great too!) THANK YOU for the excellent service!


    » Matt Malone

    I would like to applaud the work done by CAMS in these recent months - specifically Chris, Rusty and Mike. Chris and Rusty worked very hard with me on this budget. Both were extremely professional and diligent during the budgeting process. Chris found the best rates and banks to manage our reserve account. Mike did a get great job.

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    Coastal Carolina Resource Group

    » Nick Garner

    “As a storm water service provider for CAMS management, I can say that I thoroughly enjoy working with all the managers on the team. They always display an organized, well informed professionalism that makes it easier to complete the tasks at hand. All my correspondence with the CAMS staff is timely and detailed which insures their client communities receive the best reliable service possible. I look forward to my continuing work with the CAMS management group. Keep up the good work!”

    Willoughby Park

    » Randy Coble (Vice President, HOA)

    Deanna, Just a note to say THANK YOU ! for all the concerns you have dealt with at Willoughby Park over the past several years. Your interaction with the Board and residential owners and tenants concerns has been on a very professional level, and given the constraints of the issues and individuals you have had to deal with, you have performed admirably. We will miss you, but I realize you have been given an opportunity in Brunswick County that will be beneficial to you. My best to you, and hope we'll run up on each other in the future.

    Grand Villas

    » Joel Fortune

    Very happy with CAMS. Would give them an A+. They are by the book. They do what we suggest. We agree on 95% of the issues. On what we disagree we work things out. CAMS is fair and reasonable. You will not go wrong using them!

    McGinnis Point

    » Debbie Martin

    We were in bad shape and at our wits end with our former management company. I felt like we were working for them instead of the reverse. We finally made the change to CAMS and could not be happier. On a scale of 1 to 10. I would give them a 30. They are wonderful, professional, they respond, and communicate. They have a great web site that is easy for home owners to see. Very transparent. CPA'S work in their accounting department.

    Marlin Harbour, Inc.

    » George Kirpatrick

    CAMS does a good job. No problems. I like them. Daneile Johnson is very sharp. I was very impressed with these Presidents comments!

    The Boxwood

    » Margaret M. Keelber

    We experienced a situation at the Boxwood around 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. I was made aware of a situation that had developed on the first floor. Water was "pouring" from the ceiling through the water sprinkler mechanism in the unit into the resident's den, guest bedroom on the first floor and then into the garage.

    I placed a call to Jeff and he was at our building within 5 minutes. He assessed the situation and immediately proceeded to contact and secure, with Jason, the necessary tradesmen needed to locate the pipe that was causing the leak as well as securing a restoration group to begin the drying and clean-up process in the resident's unit.

    Both Jeff and Jason should be commended for their professionalism and quick response time in addressing this situation. First and foremost, they prevented the situation from escalating further through their quick response to shutting off the water pne to the building, checking the units within the proximity of where the leak was thought to be originating, checking the equipment that would be affected in the garage and keeping all the residents of the Boxwood apprised of the time pne estimated to turn on the water again.

    To make a long story short......The water was back on in the building, the pipe had been repaired, and the building was secure by 7:00 p.m. that evening.

    As a board member and original owner at the Boxwood, I feel it is important for you both to be made aware of the exceptional attention and service Jeff and Jason have provided and continue to provide to the Boxwood. Once again, I would like to confirm why CAMS is our community management company....It is because of Jeff and Jason and their dedication to ensuring Boxwood and its Board receive the services necessary to maintain the building's reputation and safety, especially in an emergency.

    Villa Capriani

    » Mark

    As a side note, the after hours CAMS representative on the phone (may have been Tina) was very professional and responsive.

    Porters Neck

    » Dr. Stanley Weinrich, President of Porters Neck Homeowners Association, Inc.

    The Porters Neck HOA was managed by CAMS from 2007-2011. Our Board at that time thought we could “save money” and switched to another company. We were dead wrong! We re-hired CAMS in June of 2014 and have been delighted with the quality of the service we have received so far.

    CAMS Managers, including the President Mike Stonestreet, were introduced at our June mid-year HOA meeting and were overwhelmingly welcomed back by our residents. The CAMS client services staff visited and toured Porters Neck, so they could gain a first-hand understanding of our community, as they now deal with our residents primarily by phone and e-mail.

    CAMS has already demonstrated high quality service, attention to detail and a great fit to our community's needs. Their systems are dramatically improved over the ones we utilized in 2011 and it clearly shows in their ability to economically deliver high quality service.

    The community manager is a key interface to our HOA, and has demonstrated a visible on-site presence. She is able to do this because of her good training, outgoing personality, and the strong systems and personnel backing her up from headquarters. This includes highly professional and courteous client services staff, and accounting and IT functions.

    Senior management at CAMS does not just sit in an office but has been readily available to provide advice and consulting expertise to our HOA. It has already been valuable.

    Porters Neck is still in the honeymoon phase of our newly-renewed relationship with CAMS, but we are pleased with everything so far and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

    I have only been on the board for the last year, but have found Danielle Johnston to be very professional and on top of our needs. I consider her a big asset to our efforts of running the HOA of Bogue Sound Yacht Club.

    In addition however, Danielle has provided me assistance with other associations that CAM's handles. As you may be aware, I operate Eastern Mortgage Company, Inc. here in Emerald Isle. Our primary markets are Carteret, Onslow, Pender and New Hanover counties. We are known as the number one source for condo loans in these markets. This is a result of understanding the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac condo guidelines better than most AND having people like Danielle to assist us in gather the needed data. Also from time to time we have to request changes be made to budgets etc. to bring them in compliance. Often this means carrying such requests to the condo board. Danielle understands the importance of this type financing for projects and it's owners. Makes a huge difference. For example she just recently assisted us with the St. Mortiz project on Topsail Island. She carried our request to the president, he agreed and we were able to get it approved with her help. We had a very happy buyer and seller.

    Danielle has been a great asset to my subdivision but also my business and other HOA's as well. I look forward to continue working with her in all these capacities.
    - David Barefield (Board Member of Bogue Sound Yacht Club HOA)

    Since standing up our HOA in Sterling Farms earlier this year, the help of Danielle Johnston and Keri Mack has been invaluable. They have successfully guided us through our first meeting, budget, inspections, etc They are continuously available for us to answer questions, provide requested info and give very valuable insight on how other HOAs are doing business. We at Sterling Farms look forward to working with them in the future as we continue improvements in our community.
    - Greg Bowling (Sterling Farms)

    After re-hiring CAMS 7 years ago, we realized that leaving them was not the best choice.  We came back to CAMS and their highly trained association managers, hands on senior management, and customer service department that's second to none.  We couldn't be happier with the decision to have CAMS manage our community.
    ~ James Sawyer (Inland Greens HOA Inc.)

    Stan, I just wanted to share how much I enjoy working with Tara.  What a great asset for CAMS and our neighborhood!  She has done a wonderful job keeping all our projects up-to-date, handles sticky situations with aplomb, and has fresh perspectives in all areas we deal in.  I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from various neighbors.  Thanks again for making the move.
    ~ Jackie Adams (Porters Neck ARC Chair)

    I wanted to make sure to thank you with great gratitude!  In the years we have lived in Sterling Farms we have never and yes I mean never had anyone take the time to resolve our concerns within our community.  Not only did you seem concerned and willing to take immediate action, you were professional and you didn't have me on the speaker phone!  You made me feel that our concerns and issues were important to you as well.  To know you listened and worked with me and I worked with you, to take action on issues that have been present for years, not only for our family, but many families located in Sterling Farms.  To see the issue resolved within days says a lot about your work ethic and your dedication to helping others take pride in their community.  It is with heartfelt BIG THANK YOU to Keri Mack, that I send this important email to you!  You surely set an example that others should follow, thank you.
    ~ Kari McAllister (Sterling Farms)

    I am a retired Certified Public Accountant who has been treasurer of my homeowners association for more years than I can remember.  During my tenure, the association has, for a time, operated without the assistance of a management agent and is now operating with the assistance of CAMS as its management agent.  In my opinion, using CAMS as the agent has been the best of these possibilities, and working with CAMS employees has made my work as Treasurer of my Homeowners Association much easier.  The staff at CAMS are tops in my book, particularly Mary Ann and Sandy, whom I work with on a regular basis.  When I compare the way things have gone since we obtained the service of CAMS with our preceding operations, I am very thankful that our Association decided to make CAMS our management agent.  There is none better.
    ~ Irving Fogler (Stonesthrow)

    Sea Dreams had our HOA meeting yesterday and I was very impressed with the CAMS staff member who conducted the meeting.  Keri Mack was organized, well spoken, efficient and helped the meeting follow the agenda.  Although it was her first HOA meeting with our community, she was very informed and prepared to address any issues that were brought up.  She is a great asset to the Morehead office.  
    ~ Cindy Jones (Board Member in the Morehead City area)

    I just want you guys to know that you are awesome to work with!  I'm currently dealing with a very difficult HOA on another property, and dealing with you guys is such a breath of fresh air!
    ~ Alexis Pierson

    Your service has been great, Tara.  You are always so quick and professional.  I really appreciate the help I have received throughout this difficult time.
    ~ Karen Horzepa

    I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you all at CAMS.  We've done good work together, and our five year collaboration has helped our mutual clients successfully navigate some rough seas.  You guys are top notch.
    ~ Kelly

    I have been serving this community in various capacities for nearly 5 years and finally, we have a local CAMS representative who is very proactive on our behalf. Both Diane and Courtney, her assistant, have been very responsive to all requests and do make it a point to visit the community to see issues first hand when they are reported.
    ~ Joe C., Board Member

    An owner just called to THANK US and express how she really appreciates all the notifications we have sent out…She is a new owner and just overjoyed with our attention to securing our properties!
    ~ Owner at Seaside Landing POA

    The POA Board extends a big THANK YOU to all who helped the community prepare for Hurricane Irene. Hurricane paths are very difficult to predict. Somehow our section of Brunswick County was spared the full impact of Irene. We had relatively little rain and wind gusts of fringe tropical storm intensity. In short, we lucked out. Nonetheless, the community was prepared.  We want to thank our new CAMS Community Manager, Greg Mayol, for his role in coordinating the preparedness efforts. Greg also put in place preparations from the CAMS’ Emergency Preparedness Plans which supplemented those in place at Brunswick Plantation POA.
    ~ Lee W., Board President

    I can’t tell you how much I was impressed with the way CAMS handled everything and with such good communication. Thank you Greg and Hank! I own another unit on the waterway that is managed by another management company and I didn’t receive one email or notification from them about the storm. The experience of CAMS and its personnel really came through.
    ~ John M., Board Member/Owner

    I got a moment to go on to the association’s website provided by CAMS, and I am very impressed. I registered, which only took a second or two, and I was so excited to see everything I need at my finger tips — from rules and regulations, to parking, to anything you need to know. I hope the homeowners take advantage of this because they will certainly get an education. It really looks great, Thank you for making it happen. Nice Job.
    ~ William M., Board of Directors

    The two owners of CAMS are very experienced in managing properties. They showed a genuine interest in our property. They have many other properties under management. The Association website provided by CAMS is an excellent source for homeowners as well as directors. One of the features allows us to communicate with the membership in a much streampned and effortless manner. In a word, I feel we are in good hands.
    ~ Radu D., Board President

    The new software implemented by CAMS has made a tremendous difference in my ability to actively manage our association’s finances. I’m able to produce customized reports and track financial transactions in real time. CINC Systems has also provided a strong element of transparency to our finances. I applaud CAMS for introducing a software that strengthens their relationship with the numerous associations that count on their daily expertise in property management.
    ~Charlotte Association Treasurer

    As the former president of the Homeowners Association, I am writing to let you know what a great job Greg Rohde has done as our community manager this past year. He has been a tremendous resource for me and the entire Board of Directors during this challenging time for our community. Greg was very responsive and thorough in assisting us with a number of complicated issues. His knowledge of HOA governance and the state law pertaining to planned communities was most helpful. He also consulted with other experts on our behalf and thoroughly researched issues before rendering his advice. We learned we could rely on his counsel without exception. Greg chaired our annual meeting last year and a recent special meeting of our homeowners this month. In both cases he was fully prepared and conducted himself in a professional manner. He was knowledgeable of the complicated procedures necessary to conduct these meetings and he was able to answer every question posed to him. He spoke with confidence and kept both meetings under control and moving to conclusion. I have been most impressed with Greg’s integrity and his wilingness to go above and beyond on behalf of our board and our homeowners. Greg Rohde is a valuable asset to the communities he manages and to your organization.
    ~ Steve

    I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a good job your staff is doing for us in these difficult times. Chandra, Lauren and I communicate frequently about collection issues and new owners. Those two do a great job for us and for you. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in how the two of them take care of our business. The same can be said for CPA, Rick Harris. Rick has worked to get our financials into a more manageable form and we are now seeing the benefit of his work.
    ~ T. Lee, Charlotte, NC

    This newsletter is very well done & provides homeowners like myself helpful information about what home associations are all about. It’s good to also know about the training home association employees must take to advance in their profession, how the association is involved in community service activities, as well as other pertinent info. Thank you for providing this information to help us better understand our home owners association. I’m now better informed and as a result I’m glad CAMS is our home owner’s association instead of some other association that doesn’t seek to be the best in the industry like CAMS does!!!
    ~ G. Humphreys, Leland, NC

    Thank you for standing up with me at the meeting and taking on “Adam” face-to-face the way you did. Do Not apologize for anything, he was so out of place and was such a bully … You have given us more support than any other person we have had on our account. I would be happy to relay that to your superior!!
    ~ Dickinson

    We want to thank management for the prompt and well done repair of the ceiling in our downstairs storage unit. We were very pleased to find the repair done this past week end. Thanks again.
    ~ Y. Lewis

    We researched commercial grade pool furniture rather than purchase light weight lounges and chairs locally. Our CAMS Representative did an excellent job and found a manufacturer who sells to several wholesalers/dealers. She was able to get a lower price than was originally found…and negotiated an early delivery date to be at OIBV the weekend before Memorial Day. – The Pool Committee
    Peter and Ryta

    The Village At Mayfaire has been a good experience for me. I thank you and your company for your role in making it a fine community.
    ~ Resident

    From Harbour Point Master Resident: I am impressed with the kind and helpful attention we are receiving… it is quite the welcoming feeling!

    Outstanding customer service, thanks so much.
    ~ L. Hayhurst

    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all that you do. I know that our board is very happy with the progress you have made since you took over. It will take some time to get everything straight, but I think everything is headed in the right direction. Thanks,
    ~ J. Jessup

    Thanks again to CAMS. GREAT JOB!!!!!
    R. Graves

    Thank you for the quick resolution of the storage door lock problem.
    ~ G. Rubinstein

    I appreciate being able to live in such a well-maintained neighborhood!
    ~ C. M. Sibley

    Mrs. Crump has been and continues to be of great help to the Birch Creek board and its residents. She’s capable, has a good attitude, and is an asset to your company. Very truly yours,
    ~ D. Gaither

    Our office receives the “Greater Wilm. Bus. Journal”, and I just read that you received your “CMCA designation”. So, big congratulations to you on your achievement and your hard work toward reaching this goal. I know it is not easy to balance work, etc., while also focusing on professional goals and certifications. So, I hope you really celebrated in a big way, or you are planning to soon! Take care,
    ~. Harmon

    Mike and Greg, That was the best Annual Meeting I have attended as many members were given the opportunity to be heard. With the hand you were dealt you did an excellent job. Everything was handled in a very professional manner. Best Regards,
    ~ M. McCurdy

    We couldn’t ask for more timely professional support. We’ve got to convey this attitude of CAMS to our Association members.
    ~ B. Christophersen

    Thanks for looking into this and for the great job you and your staff are doing keeping up with all these violations.
    ~ Tony

    We are so fortunate to have great owners who care and provide so much support in maintaining the quality of our beach house. We are also very fortunate to have an outstanding CAMS representative. Thank you for all that you do in supporting us . Regards to All ,
    ~ George

    Dear Mike, We cannot overemphasize Todd Edmiston’s importance and value to our community’s success. The Village at Mayfaire remains a CAMS property because of Todd’s exceptional management knowledge and style.  Our hope is that your organization will recognize his contributions in a way that will be most meaningful to him. On a personal note, thank you so much for the occasions that you have graciously spent time with Bernie and me. You are the go-to guy when a bona fide expert is needed, and we have appreciated your wilingness to extend yourself at those times.
    ~ A. Clark (on behalf of The Village At Mayfaire Executive Board)

    Dear Todd, Thank you for another year of excellence. Your attention to detail and superior level of service to The Village at Mayfaire makes being a Board member a pleasure. You are consistently responsive and caring. Additionally, your depth of experience and willingness to dig into complicated matters make you a unique asset to our community. You are our manager, but you are also essentially a full partner, a quasi-Board member, the person who tips the balance in the right direction when it’s needed. We sincerely hope that CAMS recognizes your outstanding value to our organization and to theirs.
    ~ The Village At Mayfaire Executive Board

    I just want you to know Greg did a perfect job. We had a couple of disgruntled owners on violations that disrupted us for a while and Greg was cool. Adam and Justin was 100% also. Thanks,
    ~ B. Taylor

    I failed to comment during our time together last Thursday of the outstanding service that I find Joan Page offers to both me personally as the new president of the Board of Directors of Winding River and to the Winding River community. I find Joan to be on top of issues, well-informed and ready to put forth effort to answer efforts and demands of both the board and the community. I sincerely appreciate her and feel that she needs to be commended.
    ~ P. Carmichael

    Dear Mike, The Winding River Board of Directors thanks you for the wealth of information that you presented to us. We found our time together to have addressed issues as were requested. The Board’s response was that the time was well spent and valuable. With the information and ensuing discussion we were better educated as to our Board responsibilities and we became more knowledgeable in areas of concern to the Winding River association. I believe that our discussions could have continued. Again, Mike, thank you for your time and efforts. Sincerely,
    ~ P. Carmichael

    Lisa Marie, it's been a pleasure working with you this past year. You have been a big help to the ARB not only administratively, but showing good judgement and standing your ground when necessary. I hope you will be here for a long time.
    ~ Jim

    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the free ASK THE EXPERTS seminar Tuesday. Thank you to CAMS for putting it on. I really benefited from the presentations and each one was top notch. The young men from Ward and Smith are such professionals and sharp. All was very nice and I do appreciate the opportunity to attend. Look forward to seeing you soon.
    ~ Ginny

    Our CAMS representative is a delight to work with. I appreciate your efforts in making this transition work.
    ~ Peter

    Thank you for sending me the requested information so quickly. I wish all of the HOA’s responded as you did!!!!! Thank you for your prompt attention into this matter.
    ~ P. Elston

    We sincerely appreciate your agreeing to this fee protocol, and are SO PLEASED with the work CAMS is performing for Brunswick Forest. Look forward to the next time we meet. Best regards, R. Russell

    My name is Keith Winstead and I am the president of Lighthouse Painting Inc. and of Winstead Painting. I have been doing POA projects for 25 years. I have intended to write this letter since last year. Although I have never met Lee (maybe once) I have spoken to her routinely over the years doing different projects. She stands out as the most efficient Property Manager that I have ever worked with. When things come up, and we need answers, Lee seems to understand how important this is more than most. I can tell you of many times having crews stand around or even have to pack up and leave because a manager has not done their home-work so-to-speak. Time is money when you are waiting on keys for access, get the water turned on, or dealing with cantankerous clents. Just a note to say we are thankful for Lee’s level of professional work detail, Kindest regards,
    ~ K. Winstead

    Today I spoke with Joanne in your Accounts Receivable Department. While we were going over my account she took the time to patiently explain, in detail, the charges incurred — at all times being cordial and courteous to me. So many times we neglect to recognize the individual, in this case, Joanne, who is responsible for “customer satisfaction” – Huber

    Whenever a new assignment comes in and it’s one of CAMS’s HOAs, it’s always a bright spot in my day.
    ~ G. Brown

    I (and IT) was asked if we could help an association’s assistant in converting a PDF document to Word. This was the reply: Thank you so much! I checked out the document and I’ve managed to convert all 135 pages – granted I had minor formatting issues but it worked!! If I was in Wilmington I would be coming over to give Hugs and Kisses!! I owe you guys!
    ~ S. Day

    Walter indicated that the CAMS financial report was the most comprehensive that he had ever gotten during his time as Treasurer on the Board.
    Board Meeting Minutes, Fearrington HOA

    It’s official—the pool at the Briar Club just opened. Thanks to everyone for the hard work and effort put into achieving this milestone at Briar Chapel. In particular… CAMS went above and beyond in order to prep the facilties so that they would be ready for the opening deadline.
    ~ Lee B., Project Manager

    CAMS is doing great job as Managers for Turtle Cove in my opinion. Very professional operating organization.
    ~ Ben W., Turtle Cove Townhomes

    Thank you for getting those deck boards repaired so quickly. It is very much appreciated. 
    ~ Kim B., Whispering Hills HOA

    I think you did a magnificent job at our annual meeting. Because of you, everything went smoothly. You handled every situation well and answered every question with tact. It was the best annual meeting we have had in many years.
    ~ Stonesthrow HOA

    Many thanks to CAMS for the informative ASK THE EXPERTS seminar last night. It was great to meet the people behind the names, and to have some of our questions answered. Also, another big thanks to you and Mike Stonestreet for the amazing job you did on the Dolphin Shores matter.
    ~ Joan R., Oyster Harbour

    A special thanks from me for all the work on the community website. It’s very well done and you have a right to be proud of your work on it. – Jim C., Brunswick Forest

    I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a good job your staff is doing for us in these difficult times. Chandra, Lauren and I communicate frequently about collection issues and new owners. Those two do a great job for us and for you. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in how the two of them take care of our business. The same can be said for CPA, Rick Harris. Rick has worked to get our financials into a more manageable form and we are now seeing the benefit of his work.
    ~ Terry Lee, Treasurer Cannonsgate HOA

    This newsletter is very well done & provides homeowners pke myself helpful information about what homeowner associations are all about. It’s good to also know about the training CAMS’ employees take to advance in their profession, how CAMS is involved in community service activities, as well as other pertinent info. Thank you for providing this information to help us better understand our home owners association. I’m now better informed and as a result, I’m glad CAMS manages our home owners association instead of some other company that doesn’t seek to be the best in the industry like CAMS does!!!
    ~ Gordon Humphreys, Brunswick Forest, Leland, NC

    I spoke with this owner on the phone; she asked for our email address so that she could submit a written praise of the great job that CAMS is doing for her community! Hubby and I arrived at our home in Sea Spray Cove and are greatly pleased with the looks of the lawn. This is a vast improvement from the previous year. It’s a good feeling to know we made the right decision with the builder and the HOA management four years ago. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
    Kathy and Fred W., Sea Spray Cove

    I really am sorry CAMS is not doing all of our properties. You and your staff are great! You really do go beyond the expectations of your job. I personally thank you for all of your help. 
    ~ Joyce, Sandra L Darby Law Office in Southport

    Service wise I believe CAMS to be head and shoulders above the competition.
    ~ Bob, Association President

    Mary Ann goes above and beyond her call of duty…we are very thankful to have her as our Community Manager.
    ~ Wrightsville Green Board Member

    Kudo’s to CAMS for the comprehensive back-up package that allowed us to accomplish a great deal in a very organized manner. The Board appreciates the professional leadership, skill set and genuine support! It’s been a pleasure to work with you!
    ~ Association President

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loving kindness in rushing this through at an unbelievable pace with personal involvement and such dedication! There are no adequate words to express my gratitude!
    ~ Brunswick Forest Homeowner

    “I wanted to let you know that I rode through Wrightsville Dunes last Saturday evening and I thought the entire complex looked as good as it has in a long time. I appreciate your efforts to continue to improve! … Thank you, and your staff, for your efforts to make the property look great during the summer season!”
    ~ Wrightsville Green Board Member

    “Just wanted to pass along what a great job Stacy has done over the last couple of months. Her immediate response time and willingness to resolve resident issues is amazing. She does an unbelievable job for the tenants here at the MET and in conversations with other tenants they share the same sentiments. Just wanted to pass along the great job she is doing.”
    ~ Scott Fouts and Melinda Harper

    "Dear Mike, People who take the time and courtesy to get involved in meaningful matters are not easily found. I appreciate you doing just that . I have a son named Mike, and he is of the same ilk. Thank you for your diligence, and for your resolution."
    ~ Kindest regards, Tom

    The Garrison

    » Matt Vojvoda, HOA President of The Garrison at Graham

    I just wanted to send you a note and let you know how great of a job Chris has done since taking over as our property manager here at The Garrison. We all knew going in that it wasn’t going to be an easy task, but Chris has handled himself and the situation as a true professional. Our property has now stopped the bleeding with our expenses and have everything tracking back in the right direction to get us where we need to be. We could not have done that without Chris. Many obstacles have come up during the past year, but Chris managed to take them all in stride and continue moving forward. I will be stepping down from the board at The Garrison due to my wife and I moving next month, but I truly feel confident moving forward that my investment here in the building will be protected in the coming years. I can’t thank Chris enough for that. Thanks again for all you guys do for us!

    I want to thank you for the opportunity that I had over the last year and even my prior time at CAMS while at the Arlington. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at CAMS and miss the crew like crazy everyday. You and Dave have done an amazing job at creating and nurturing CAMS into the company it is. All companies have their growing pains and issues but as I told Rusty on a daily basis, CAMS has it together. From the daily efficiencies, communication lines and structure to the overall environment that was created at CAMS, you have done an outstanding job and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and the team. If given the opportunity in the future, I would be the first to jump to work with you again.

    It was very difficult making the decision to leave but I had to make the best decision that I could at that time. There were circumstances that required me to be back in the mountains and when a position opened up, I had to take it. As I've told Rusty, never say never. It is a small industry and you never know what the future holds.
    ~ Nick Presnell

    Waterberry Plantation HOA

    » Cynthia Barry, HOA President of The Waterberry Plantation

    Mike, I wanted to thank you for suggesting we contact Tim Price with Insurance Restoration Services. He and his crew are great ! He has stepped right up and is handling everything for us and is so knowledgeable about the insurance and how to deal with all the issues involved with the restoration.

    Lee has been invaluable in keeping everything going and providing much needed advice. It looks like it will take about 4 months to get everything rebuilt and it will be interesting to see the progress. You'll have to come and visit when it is completed. Thanks again.

    Woodlake HOA

    » Debbie - Woodlake

    I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate Shelly DeAntonio. She has been an absolute gem across these past few weeks in helping us design and build our new community website. She always has a smile in her voice when we talk and has gone out of her way to accommodate our needs and answer our questions. She is someone I know I can count on to follow through. I am sure you already know how good she is but I thought you would like to hear it from a customer. Thanks for all you and the CAMS organization do to help Woodlake!

    Crossing HOA

    » Trish - Cascades at River Crossing HOA Board Member

    Thanks, Lori. By the way, I want to thank you personally for the way you have turned this community around.

    I know it has been an uphill battle and a challenge, but I am so glad that we found CAMS for our community. With a community this size, I know we will always have issues but I am confident that we are in good hands with you and CAMS.

    Townhouse in Wilmington

    » Jim Wallis

    I have two plus years dealing with CAMS after purchasing a Townhouse in Wilmington. I also have many years' experience, including being an HOA Board officer with two other property management firms outside the area. I have to say that I am consistently impressed with the high level of services received from CAMS, promptness, and professionalism CAMS and the property manager has provided me. CAMS has proven it has the infrastructure and resources to consistently provide exceptional services on a consistent basis.

    Park South Station

    » Maria Olimpia Maistro

    We've been living at Park South Station for one and half year and I could see how difficult is to build a community where you feel proud to be part of it! They do a great job. 100% happy with everybody that give their time to make our community a better place for living, specially our new manager Adam that is on top of our needs.

    SummersWalk HOA Board

    » Mark Morgan

    The SummersWalk HOA Board held our monthly meeting this evening. One order of business was consideration of the CAMS contract extension/renewal. The easiest decision of the night was the board's unanimous vote to continue our successful and beneficial relationship. I speak for the board and the entire community when I say CAMS has met or exceeded all of our expectations. Stacy has provided exceptional community management services and I personally attribute many of the improvements we've made to her hard work, professionalism, and commitment. SummersWalk is a better community today in large part to the hard work of your team and we are very grateful for all of their efforts.

    I cannot stress enough how appreciative we are of Stacy's efforts in particular. From responding to unforeseen repairs to vendor/contract management to providing accurate financial reports and answering lots of questions from board members and residents; Stacy has always delivered. We are fortunate to have her as our community manager.

    We look forward to working with Stacy and the rest of the CAMS team.

    Port City Grading & Paving, Inc.

    » Kathleen Gilissen

    As a subcontractor providing paving services for CAMS and Kathleen over the past few years, I can say that Kathleen and CAMS is one of the best management groups in town. Kathleen is always very responsive to not only our needs as a contractor but she goes out of her way to make sure that all of the property owners have accurate information as to our work schedule and the scope of work we are to perform. By doing this Kathleen creates a friendly and productive environment for us to be able to work in so that we are able to complete our work in a manner where the property owners are as happy while we are working as they are when we leave upon completion. CAMS is an excellent company and Kathleen is a wonderful representative for them, the HOA's and all the properties she works with.

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